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Experience the best of Santorini with guided tours. There is a huge array of boat trips and cruises, guided trips through mountainous traditional villages, wineries and to historical sites, private taxi tours, hiking and walking tours, or you could rent a car, moped or bicycle to explore and enjoy this spectacular island at your leisure. It is of importance to mention that most of the tours and guides operating on the island are very well organised and professional. If you are visiting the island during the summer season, for a less than a 4-day stay, you will definitely have to book the tours that interest you in advance due to the high demand and limited spots.

We have chosen the most scenic and most popular for you to enjoy:

Santorini Walking Tour with a Personal Photographer

Santorini Full Day Tour

Cooking Class

Romantic Sunset Catamaran Caldera Cruise incl. Meal & Drinks

Anhydrous Croft Tour with Local Food & Wine tasting By a Local

Vacation Photographer in Santorini