All Things To Do

Holidays on Santorini can be of the laid-back or chock-full of exciting adventures such as sailing, boat trips, mountain biking, horse riding, hiking & walking tours, kayaking, kite surfing and scuba diving amoung many others. The striking natural beauty of the island together with its captivating history provide an endless list of potential days out, some relaxing and others more high-energy.

In addition, the cinematic backdrop, the stunning location by the sea, the delectable tastes and the impeccable service are only a few reasons why weddings are perfect here.

Cobalt blue waters, spectacular black and red sand beaches, dramatic volcanic cliffs, fascinating archeological sites, wine tasting, unusual museums, breathtaking sunsets beaches, fun or relaxation? Planning your wedding? Culture or night life? You got it!

We have selected wonderful experiences for you to enjoy below:


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